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Classical Literature A Very Short Introduction | William Allan
Year: 2014 | Binding: PB | ISBN: 0199665451, 9780199665457 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 175.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Contribution Of Women To Sanskrit, Pali And Prakrit Literature | Gautam Patel & Manibhai I.prajapati
Year: 2016 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8187471956, 9788187471950 | Language: ENGLISH/SANSKRIT/PAL |
| List Price: 1250.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Critical Explorations | K.g.srivastava
Year: 2010 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8174876499, 9788174876492 | Language: English |
| List Price: 595.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
A Critical Handbook Of English Drama | Mayank Ranjan
Year: 2014 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9382074848, 9789382074847 | Language: English |
| List Price: 1295.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Critical Perspectives In English Literature | Anurag Tyagi
Year: 2011 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9381385041, 9789381385043 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 675.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Critical Studies On Indian English Literature Y | M.f.patel
Year: 2010 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8171326307, 9788171326303 | Language: English | Y |
| List Price: 2500.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism, Multi Volume
A Critical Study Of Commonwealth Fiction | Ajay Das
Year: 2010 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8184552521, 9788184552522 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 795.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
A Critical Study Of R.k.narayans Swami And Firends And The Guide | B.t.ramappa
Year: 2015 | Binding: PB | ISBN: 935128042X, 9789351280422 | Language: English |
| List Price: 90.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
A Critical Study Of The Prose Style Of Graham Greene | Suprita Jha
Year: 2011 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 817844092X, 9788178440927 | Language: English |
| List Price: 450.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Curse Of Kehama A Critical Study | Rajat Kumar Srivastava
Year: 2010 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8174876499, 9788174876492 | Language: English |
| List Price: 595.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Dharmasuri & His Works-A Critical Exposition | Kalpakam Sankarnarayan
Year: 2013 | Binding: PB | ISBN: 8126041323, 9788126041329 | Language: English |
| List Price: 195.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
An Encyclopaedia Of Critical Terms Easter & Western Tradition | K.g.srivastava
Year: 2013 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8174878267, 8174878267 | Language: English |
| List Price: 1175.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Human Action,consciousness And Problems Of Representation | Geeta Ramana
Year: 2014 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 0198097263, 9780198097266 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 895.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism, Philosophy
Manu-Smrti:a Critical Study And Its Relevance In The Moderntimes | Asha Rani Tripathi
Year: 2015 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8124608334, 9788124608333 | Language: English |
| List Price: 1000.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Monarchical Problems In The English History Plays Of Shakes-Peare A Critical Study | Usha Sawhney
Year: 2012 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8174877895, 8174877895 | Language: English |
| List Price: 375.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Negotiating Languages Urdu, Hindi, And The Definition Of Modern South Asia | Walter N. Hakala
this book is a valuable addition to the existing corpus of knowledge and scholarship on early modern south asian studies.
Year: 2017 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9384092703, 9789384092702 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 1250.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
The Novels Of Amitav Ghosh:a Critical Study | Avinash Badgujar
Year: 2014 | ISBN: 9384247103, 9789384247102 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 950.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Psycho Cultural Analysis Of Folklore (In Memory Of Prof.alan Dundes) - 2 Vols Set Set Of 2 Vols | P. Chenna Reddy & M.sarat Babu (Ed.)
Year: 2018 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9386223902, 9789386223906 | Language: ENGLISH | SET OF 2 VOLS |
| List Price: 7500.00 ...More
Subjects: History, Literature-Criticism
Religion Morality And Socio-Political Philosophy | Seshagiri Rao
Year: 2015 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9351281302, 9789351281306 | Language: English |
| List Price: 720.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
The Representation Of Women In English Literature | Sutanu Kumar Mahapatra
Year: 2015 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9351280780, 9789351280781 | Language: English |
| List Price: 509.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Romantic Poets Of 18Th Century | V.sehgal
Year: 2013 | ISBN: 8171327389, 9788171327386 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 850.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature, Literature-Criticism
Splendour Of Sanskrit Research | Satya Vrat Varma
a compendium of the authors invetigations into different aspects of sanskrit literature, carried out over the years, the splendour of sanskrit research commands a broad spectrum. the book provides sumptuous fare to the cultured reader and the connoisseur alike.
Year: 2015 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8178542900, 9788178542904 | Language: English |
| List Price: 1450.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Tagore Beyond His Language | Imre Bangha (Ed.)
this book will be of lasting pertinence to scholars of literature, bengali literature, comparative literature and cultural studies. it will also attract general readers who are interested in tagore and his life.
Year: 2017 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9384082783, 9789384082789 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 995.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Vijnana Bhairava:the Manual For Self-Realization (With An Audio Cd) | Swami Lakshmanjoo & John Hughes Dy.
in the revelations that comprise this audio study set the god-realized master swami lakshmanjoo unfolds for us the hidden maps needed to traverse the sacred tantric text vijnana bhairava. in his manual for self realization lord bhairava, in answering the divine mother bhairavi\'s question what is the real essence of the way we have to tread? reveals 112 different spiritual practices for entering in the universal and transcendental state of consciousness. total time of audio is seven hours (mp3)
Year: 2011 | Binding: PB | ISBN: 8121512387, 9788121512381 | Language: English |
| List Price: 600.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
What Happened To The Bhadralok | Parimal Ghosh
what happened to the bhadralok suggests that the arrival of new consumers of culture, drawn from the rural middle class and the unorganized working-class and small business people from the city further accentuated this process: whether this has led to a proper democratization of our society is, however, a separate question.
Year: 2017 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9384082996, 9789384082994 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 1195.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism
Women Security & Entrepreneurship In The Contemporary World | Anita Kumari
Year: 2014 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9382484620, 9789382484622 | Language: English |
| List Price: 895.00 ...More
Subjects: Literature-Criticism, Women Studies
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