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Ancient Indian Grammar A Concise Analysis | Malaya Gangopadhyaya
language study was very important in ancient india as it was part of the vedic education. the book contains eight chapters. these give a general outling of grammatical literature and some concepts of the great grammrians in a compresensive manner.
Year: 2O13 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8170309409, 9788170309406 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 500.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics, Tibetan
Asian Englishes Beyond The Canon | Braj B.kachru
ISBN: 0195678338, 9780195678338 | Language: English |
| List Price: 695.00 | Discount: 40.00% | Your Price: 417.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
Change The Way You Speak Best Quickest And Surest Way To English Fluency | Prabbal Frank
Year: 2012 | Binding: PB | ISBN: 9788192366, 9788192366003 | Language: English |
| List Price: 195.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
Corpus Of Eastern Kharosti And Kharosti-Brahmi Inscriptions | B.n.mukherjee
Year: 2013 | ISBN: 812151178X, 9788121511780 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 1400.00 ...More
Subjects: History, Linguistics
Ideology And Status Of Sanskrit | Jan E.m.houben
Year: 2012 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8120835018, 9788120835016 | Language: English |
| List Price: 795.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
Indian Linguistics And Culture | Shashi Kashyap
Year: 2014 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8183152406, 9788183152402 | Language: English |
| List Price: 500.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
Life Beyond Conventions:journey Of A Small Town Girl To Abig City | Dimple Saxena
Year: 2013 | Binding: PB | ISBN: 9351280209, 9789351280200 | Language: English |
| List Price: 180.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics, Literature
Linguistic Issues In Encoding Sanskrit | M.peter Schart & Malcolm Hyman
Year: 2012 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8120835395, 9788120835399 | Language: English |
| List Price: 600.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
Linguistics Phonetics And English Language Teaching | Suraj Shukla
Year: 2014 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9384247049, 9789384247041 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 1150.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
Pali A Grammar Of The Language Of The Theravada Tipitaka With A Concordance To Pischel\'s Grammatic Der Prakrit Sprachen | Thomas Oberlies
Year: 2013 | ISBN: 8121512344, 9788121512343 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 950.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
Reading And Listening Skills | Terry O\'brien
Year: 2016 | Binding: PB | ISBN: 8129139871, 9788129139870 | Language: English |
| List Price: 95.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
Recent Researches In Sanskrit Computational Linguistics | Malhar Kulkarni & Chaitali Dangarikar
Year: 2013 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8124606986, 9788124606988 | Language: English |
| List Price: 700.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
Revisiting History:narratives From Past | Alka Sharma
Year: 2011 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8184552793, 9788184552799 | Language: ENGLISH |
| List Price: 350.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
The Sabdajyotsna Of Pandit Bhiksharam (A New Sanskrit Grammar) | Shri Krishan Sharma
Year: 2013 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8124606625, 9788124606629 | Language: English |
| List Price: 250.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
Train Of Nostalgia: A Collection Of Poems & Paintings | Christoday Raja Jayant Khess Dr.
Year: 2013 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8178359960, 9788178359960 | Language: English |
| List Price: 360.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics, Literature
Vyakarana Across The Ages | Geprge Cardona
Year: 2013 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8124606587, 9788124606582 | Language: English |
| List Price: 750.00 ...More
Subjects: Linguistics
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